Win cubed means that our leaders will be looking for positive outcomes for ourselves, our partners and the end customers on every action. If any one of the three is losing, everyone loses. We will not play sides or take advantage of our position.



Winning, in the IT game, for an End Customer is getting IT solutions that disappear into their business. The effect of positive IT should be felt in everything they do without their staff having to become “techies”. The best technology solutions are invisible and work seamlessly allowing them to focus on the value creation of their business.

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For the service provider, Winning is all about sustainable profitability. Good IT solutions should form part of a streamlined, easily repeatable service catalogue. One which does not require delivering “custom” solutions for each customer, but rather allows for a degree of tailoring without being bespoke. The business is then able to focus on scale and efficiency, constantly improving both the delivery and sustainment of the service.


Our ‘win’ is in delivering positive change through beautiful architecture. A well designed solution should both fit the end-customer like a bespoke tailored suit but be drawn from a simple, streamlined and standardized service provider catalogue. Good design is not just functional, its perfectly adapted, perfectly scalable, perfectly supportable.

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