Our Founders.

Andrew Melling
Andrew Melling

Experience: 27 years of Tier1, service providers, aggregators and resellers

Passion: Creating value (that and hiking in the lakes!)

Superpower: Building relationships & simplifying the complex

Kryptonite: Meeting rooms without whiteboards

Life goal: Enjoy every second and having two superpowers

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Steven Harrison

Experience: 25+ years of service providers, integrators and vendors

Passion: Creating efficiency (that and food!)

Superpower: Breaking down complex technology

Kryptonite: Techies who don’t document their work

Life goal: Create a foundation for gifted kids to become maker/engineers.

Two perspectives. One Idea

Change how people view, operate and value technology infrastructure.  Our 80 years of experience has taught us that like any great building without proper foundations, it will collapse. Technology is no different, we call it Infratech.

Infrastructure eXperience (IX) is the measure of capability, availability & performance of IT.

Infratech Digital was founded to enable IX with service providers, partners and customers to establish our thinking at pace.

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