70% of digital transformations fail…
You can’t transform your digital enterprise while you operate it.

Infratech Product Portfolio

Sprint Performance
IX Assessment
  • Insight – Rapid Discovery
  • Assessment – Detailed analysis + roadmap
  • Problem Identify + Risk Mitigation
  • Understand Technology Capability
  • Accelerate + Optimise Technology & IT Operations
Specialist IX Skills
IX Design + Build
  • Foundational Enterprise Technology Architecture
  • System and technology design
  • Security planning, design and architecture
  • Defined sprints of effort to complete
  • Full documentation of design, configuration and implementation
  • Service Integration and Management ‘SIAM’ design and transition
  • IT organisation training and development plans
  • Fixed Contract Price
Design and Build
IX Skills
  • On demand infrastructure expertise
  • Design to deployment
  • Fully documented
  • SC Cleared
  • Outcome based contracts
  • Fixed contract price
Procurement Advisory
IX Procure
  • Vendor and MSP independant
  • Market aware
  • Experienced
  • Best value
  • Procure & Renew
  • Trusted Advisor
Technology Strategy
IX Strategy
  • Distill strategy to technology
  • Vendor & MSP advisory
  • Collaboration with current partners
  • Define policy & standards
  • Current technology integration
  • Define technology roadmap
  • Document technology strategy, technologies and outcomes
Sprint Performance
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