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5Cubed changes the way Infrastructure eXperience is viewed by providers, customers, and architects.  Every lens is different but the outcomes remain constant when our approach is used.

Technologies – grouped by operational application

Artefacts – documentation delivering consistency
States – prioritising business outcomes

Lens One. Technologies

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Digital Transport

The ability to connect and communicate between people, systems and machines

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Digital Machinery

The computing power and storage capacity to deliver Digital applications

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Digital Controls

The systems and tools to monitor, automate, orchestrate and manage the Digital Enterprise

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Digital Security

The systems and tools to secure, protect, defend and respond to threats

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Digital Intelligence

The planning, standards, policy and intent guiding correct use and adoption of digital technologies

Lens Two. Artefacts

Technology Strategy

Maps out the path or “road” the organization will follow to reach the goal set by principle

Technology Strategy

Sets out the guard-rails and road markings that all work and projects will stay within while executing the strategy

Technology Strategy

Establishes the “normal” patterns each individual project should follow as it sets off on the journey

Technology Strategy

Inform a specific technical deliverable that must be realized along the way

Technology Strategy

Document how particular portions of a High-Level Design have been successfully realized so that the results can be learned from and repeated in the future

Lens Three. States

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Including technology selection, partner & supplier selection, RFI/RFP and contracting

Sprint Performance

All related design activities, physical deployment and logistics involved

Sprint Performance

Continual optimisation, monitoring, securing, incident handling and response

Sprint Performance

Off-boarding, business change management, data and system rationalisation

Sprint Performance

Operational impact, secure disposal, recycling, environmental, and financial considerations

The 5 Cubed model is an enterprise architecture checklist for infrastructure technology that ensures all critical underpinning technologies are considered throughout their lifecycle to mitigate risk and improve outcomes.

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