What’s the meaning behind the Infratech logo?

To answer that question you have to remember a time when someone said “solving this problem is a bit like peeling an onion”. We do that a lot at Infratech Digital – peeling Infratech-shaped onions for our customers and partners.

Whether it’s the layers of the OSI model, the layers of a defence-in-depth design, the layers of an Identity Management and Governance model or the layers of an architectural Enterprise Continuum – there are always layers.

The thing with Infratech is that customers and service providers alike always look at their digital infrastructure from the outside looking in. They don’t see the layers, only the shell. It takes an IX expert to peel them back and expose the breaks in each layer – and explain how those breaks are combining to create real weakness – be that in operational efficiency, security, scalability or reliability.

Ever seen how rammed earth footings are made for a building? Layers.

How do you visualize a multi-mode transportation system? Layers.

What’s the secret to samurai swords incredible strength and performance? Layers.

So our logo? It’s a layers thing.