Sprint Performance
Sprint Performance

Our Concept Was Conceived

Andrew and I found ourselves in the Queens Hotel in Leeds trying to figure out how to explain our combined excess of 50 years of professional technology infrastructure to an audience who scarcely knows it exists!  

To quote A.C. Clarke “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” 

Ask anyone today where their data is stored and they’re likely to say something like “in the cloud” without any realization that this cloud they speak of is just someone else’s hardware in a datacentre they’ve not seen or visited.  

There is no magic – only Infratech!  

By the end of a furious few hours of white-boarding the 5cubed approach was born!  

Aspect 1: What is Infratech? = The Five Pillars 

  • How do we define it all for the layman, and relate it to something people can understand 

Aspect 2: What are the work outputs? – The Five Artefacts 

  • Now what – specifically what architectural work needs to get done on these pillars to ensure success and valuable outcome?  

Aspect 3: Why & When = The Five States of IT!  

  • What are the triggers and key inflection points where requirements and activities need to change significantly.  

With that, we stake out new ground in the IT industry, bringing the Design + Build concept to digital infrastructure and introducing a totally new concept in how you view and plan core IT – the Infratech method.