It’s official! Infratech Digital (UK) Limited is registered with company’s house as our vehicle for changing the world of IT.  

Why did we do all this? Is it just because we like self-inflicted suffering?  

No not really. Andrew and I are really just fed-up with a lifetime of watching really important IT infrastructure projects go absolutely pear-shaped and end up costing a fortune and delivering very little.  

In the earlier years in IT, it didn’t matter as much if projects ran a bit late, or a bit over budget because the techies were playing with their new toys… IT was an afterthought, something you did as an extra – but not something that meant the life (or death) of your business.  

Today IT is everything! Without it, most businesses don’t have a business! Why then is it treated with such disregard for professionalism, quality and value by so many? Its not a toy-set anymore!  

We both realized that the industry needs change. Customers can no-longer approach the technology directly – its too complex. The technology providers are so deep into the tech that they can’t understand the lack of knowledge among customers – and frequently this knowledge gap kills projects.  

Much like law, medicine, accounting, and indeed architecture – a profession eventually grows up. We are those grown-ups. 

IT is not a toy, it’s the foundation of the digital enterprise. We’ll be the architects, and we’ll keep all the providers in line each doing their part to a high-standard so that collectively we all reach a good outcome. Profit made, value delivered, dials moved – outcome achieved!